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Cornell University

Jiang Lab

Focusing on Biomaterials and Drug Delivery


Pyramid with Basic Immunology and Basic Organic/Polymer & Peptide/Polymer Chestiry on the bottom; Biolmaterials & Drug Delivery Carries on 2nd level; Stem Cells/Organoids & Implants/Medical Devices (Translational) on the 3rd level; and Cancer Immunotherapy & Vaccine (Translational) on the top level.

Biomaterials and drug delivery carriers (core technologies): We are developing highly biocompatible materials, which are biologically inert, immunosuppressive or active, using both rational design and combinatorial screening for controlled cell cultures, long-term implants and blood-contacting devices. We are developing various viral and non-viral carriers with low immunogenicity and targeted capabilities for the delivery of mRNAs, DNAs, proteins and small molecules.

Cancer immunotherapy and vaccine (translational): We focus on developing cancer and infectious disease prevention and treatment vaccines in collaborations with Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Vet School and other medical research institutes in New York City and addressing several key issues encourtered in cancer immunotherapy and vaccine – (a) toxicity, (b) targeting, (c) biological barriers such as blood-brain barriers and cellular/solid tumor barriers, and (d) immunity around the tumor microenvironment.

Stem cells, organoids, implants and medical devices (translational): We focus on (a) controlled cultures of iPSCs and organoids in background-noise-free culture media with specific chemical, biological and mechanical clues; (b) capsule-free long-term implants; (c) anticoagulant-free blood-contacting devices in collaborations with Weill Cornell Medicine and other on- and off-campus researchers.

Immunology (basic): We integrate immunology with biomaterials to understand how our immune systems respond to nanomaterials and implanted materials and to rationally design immunomodulating materials.

Functional monomers, polymers and peptides via chemical synthesis and genetic engineering (basic): We are designing and synthesizing monomers, polymers, polypeptides from organic/polymer synthesis, solid-state peptide synthesis or genetic engineering in E coli, phage, yeast, and mammalian cells.